November 2014

Lifespan Faith Formation and Worship Team Update – November 2014

Submitted By Tom Robertson

November meeting highlights:
1) Worship services scheduled for 11/16, 12/7, 12/14, 12/24, 1/4, 1/11 with worship leader and themes identified.

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Communications Team Update – November 2014

Submitted By Bryan Sirtosky

Newsletter: We continue Sacred Path’s weekly online newsletter, sharing responsibility for creating it among the Communications Team members. We maintain an online archive of our newsletters on a board on Pinterest which has 17 followers.

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Community Stewardship Circle Update – November 2014

Submitted By Eric Hinkle

We have little to report since the update from our Community meeting. We’ll be having our monthly meeting soon. Perhaps there will be more then.

Central Indiana UU Mission Team Update – November 2014

Submitted By Marty Miles

Our overall objectives this year have been these:

  • Help to facilitate healthy inter-UU collaboration in Central IN
  • Support individual UU congregation mission-focused initiatives as we can
  • Promote healing within the Central IN UU “system”
  • Move toward right relations with UUI
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Covenant Team Update – November 2014

Submitted By Lori Stone Sirtosky

The Covenant Team is pleased to announce the Community Covenant was adopted at the October 2014 bi-monthly community meeting.

We are planning to meet one more time as a team to celebrate this milestone in our community’s development and discuss options for keeping the Community Covenant in front of people, perhaps creating a poster, publishing it on the website, or other options.

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Finance Team Update – November 2014

Submitted By Lori Stone Sirtosky

The Finance Team continues to enhance the infrastructure for accepting payments and tracking funds.

As part of the QuickBooks Online service, Sacred Path activated Payments Standard for no additional monthly charge. This service allows us to collect payments via ACH, or credit card and invoice people who have made a pledge to the church that the donor will receive via email and can settle with an online payment if desired.

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