Ceremony of Commitment

“Love, above all things, is a commitment to your choice.” ―Rob Liano

As we enter our fourth year together, Sacred Path held a ritual of commitment over Labor Day weekend. Sitting in a circle, we began by naming and honoring our ancestors: those who helped bring us to this place and time.

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Experience the Magic of Winter Solstice

Indianapolis area congregations come together in an earth-affirming celebration of the return of the Light

While many are caught up in the hectic pace of the holiday season this time of year, Indianapolis area congregations and community members are preparing to honor the return of the Light on the longest night of the year. The 10th Annual Indy Winter Solstice Celebration is a transformative, earth-affirming joyous event—the only one of its kind in central Indiana. This year, you are invited to set aside the shopping list and take time out for this magical, music-filled evening.

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27th Street Gets a Little Free Library

The 27th Street Library opened today! Residents of the Riverside neighborhood can find books for all ages in this unit at the front of the garden. It’s open year round. Borrow a book today. It’s totally free!

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How Our Faith Calls Us to Respond to #Ferguson

As we mourn the loss of life and stand present to the pain and outrage caused by this week’s events in Ferguson, MO, Bryan Sirtosky asks, “What does our faith call us to do?” How should we respond? How do we “show up” for Ferguson in ways that are meaningful and lead to lasting change?

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Central Indiana congregations unite for largest Unitarian Universalist presence ever at Indy Pride!

Free Range UUs joined an unprecedented collaborative effort to mobilize Unitarian Universalists in central Indiana to reach out to the LGBTQ community at Circle City INPride this year! Seven local congregations joined in a planning effort months in advance of the pride festival.

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[VIDEO] Circle Up Indy Peace Festival Planning Underway

Members of FRUU are participating in planning a block party this summer: the Circle Up Indy Festival of Peace – Youth Against Violence. James, the leader of a student group called Circle Up Indy is featured in this video.

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[VIDEO] “Stroller Jam” Rally for Gun Sense in Indianapolis

On Saturday, April 26th, as the National Rifle Association held its annual convention just a few blocks away, Indianapolis area Unitarian Universalists attended a rally in downtown Indianapolis hosted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and the newly formed umbrella group, Every Town for Gun Safety.

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Cindy Tow Wins “Nice” Grant!

A Free Range UU has been formally recognized for her efforts in creating and maintaining the 27th Street Community Garden in the Riverside neighborhood!

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Waking Up the 27th Street Garden

The first weekend in April, we woke up the garden on 27th Street in the Riverside neighborhood on the near northwest side of Indianapolis. Check out these photos from the day!

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