Community Stewardship Circle

Community Stewardship Circle – March 2015

Submitted By Lori Sirtosky

At last night’s Community Stewardship Circle (CSC) meeting, we talked a bit about Sacred Path’s “place” in the broader context. We touched back to the sermon Pam Blevins Hinkle delivered celebrating water and her invitation to ponder Sacred Path’s place. We started to conceptualize how we might exist in the “holy places”, the confluences, the places where one stream of water comes together intermingling with other streams (like the braided river).

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Community Stewardship Circle Update – December 2014

Submitted By Lori Stone Sirtosky

We are happy to report that the abandoned property next door to CUUF has been cleaned up by the city and boarded up. The debris in the yard has been removed and is looking much better overall.

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Community Stewardship Circle Update – November 2014

Submitted By Eric Hinkle

We have little to report since the update from our Community meeting. We’ll be having our monthly meeting soon. Perhaps there will be more then.

Community Stewardship Circle Update – October 2014

Submitted By Lori Sirtosky

At the bi-monthly community meeting of Sacred Path on October 26th, 2014, the Community Stewardship Circle (CSC) shared several updates:

– On October 6th, we received our Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Indiana. We are now a non-profit organization recognized in the State of Indiana. Our officers are: Eric Hinkle (President), Kathlene McNaney (Secretary), and Lori Stone Sirtosky (Treasurer). This comprises the entire CSC.

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