Central Indiana UU Mission Team Update – October 2015

Submitted By Marty Miles

The Central IN UU Mission Team has not met as a group recently. But team members and others from Sacred Path have been very involved in planning and implementing related events such as the joint UU presence at the IndyPride parade and the Festival of Faiths. The event with Emerson Ave. Baptist that Lori facilitated was also directly in line with the team’s mission.

I think we need to revisit the work we did at the retreat in January, and particularly these next steps we identified:

Important Next Steps

  • Identify Service Sunday projects that could address some of the other areas we feel called to serve (and take the burden off the Worship team to do all the set-up) – WHO?
  • Identify more projects that could be multi-generational
  • Identify a process to further discern what an issue might be for eventual Sacred Path focus, and how we might better understand its systemic aspects – CSC/Marty/?
  • Identify areas of need (pastoral / administrative) – and inventory skills/interests of Sacred Path community – WHO?
  • Review committee membership – where is “churn” and leadership development needed? – CSC?
  • Move on immediate next steps related to Central IN UU work, e.g., formalizing some CINUU structure? Lori / Marty / ?

I would also add to that some serious conversation about whether and how we might get involved in some specific initiatives of IndyCAN or the “Black lives matter” movement.

H-UULTI Update - March 2015