Community Stewardship Circle – March 2015

Submitted By Lori Sirtosky

At last night’s Community Stewardship Circle (CSC) meeting, we talked a bit about Sacred Path’s “place” in the broader context. We touched back to the sermon Pam Blevins Hinkle delivered celebrating water and her invitation to ponder Sacred Path’s place. We started to conceptualize how we might exist in the “holy places”, the confluences, the places where one stream of water comes together intermingling with other streams (like the braided river).

In her weekly message to the Church of the Larger Fellowship, Rev. Meg Riley puts that idea into a mission context which resonates with me and hopefully you, too. She asks how do we “open up what we do to allow more love to run through it. Make channels for the streams of love. . . how do we shape ourselves to accomplish that mission?” See full message in the newsletter below.

The CSC is starting to ask that question and has some ideas about how Sacred Path can make more channels for streams of love to flow through.

We will be sharing more about that at the upcoming Community Meeting on March 29.

We’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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