Community Covenant

Coming together in faith and love,
we freely partner with each other and that which is greater than ourselves, covenanting to . . .

Know each other

as human beings, honoring the sacred in each person.

Bring our best selves

to all interactions and presume the same of others.

Communicate directly and honestly

with each other, valuing kindness and respect over winning a point.

Lean in and listen deeply

when feeling defensive, vulnerable, or challenged.

Come back fully present

and commit again, when relations become uncomfortable and the urge to disconnect temporarily overcomes the desire to remain in community.

Ask for and offer

compassionate forgiveness when we fall short.

Celebrate our community often

with food, fun, laughter, music, art, and creativity.

Show up

proactively contributing our time, talent, and material resources where needed to realize our mission and vision.

Meet one another where we are

and support each other's spiritual journey, recognizing that each of us travels with vulnerabilities and strengths.

. . . and to be a light in the world, stepping boldly into the risk-taking required to build the Beloved Community.

Adopted October 2014