Sacred Path Church is Now a Covenanting Community of the UUA

Along with other emerging ministries, Sacred Path to be welcomed at the 2015 UUA General Assembly as a covenanting community

In January 2012, UUA President Rev. Peter Morales introduced his “Congregations and Beyond” vision in a white paper (PDF) boldly declaring that, in order for Unitarian Universalism to remain vitally relevant in today’s religious environment, we need to expand the definition of what a “congregation” looks like. Discussion groups and Facebook groups were formed. Blog posts written. Debates ensued across UU-land on the implications of this bold vision.

Later that same summer, perhaps without consciously understanding it that way, we started exploring our own beyond congregations initiative. We began holding weekly picnics (sometimes with worship), first as Free Range Unitarian Universalists and later as Sacred Path. This led us to make connections with other communities across the country finding their own way as well. We started sharing resources and lessons learned, gathering first in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and later in Turley, Oklahoma and New Orleans, Louisiana. We were each doing our best in our own contexts, but for those of us on the fringe, there was no easy way to stay connected to the larger Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.

In February 2015, the UUA Board of Trustees approved a new way to come into relationship with the larger UU movement as a covenanting community. Along with several other emerging ministries across the country, Sacred Path was invited to apply to become a covenanting community of the UUA.

We are excited to announce that after turning in our paperwork in mid-April, Sacred Path received notice this week that we will be formally welcomed as a covenanting community at General Assembly this year! We are also being included in a video featuring emerging ministries on UUA’s emerging ministries page.

What a blessing to be emerging from the wilderness onto this still uncertain path, but now, walking in formal covenant with the larger Unitarian Universalist movement!

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