Transforming Ourselves to Transform the World

Have you been looking for ways to transform yourself and your congregation to ensure liberal religious values have more impact on the world? H-UULTI, the Hybrid Online Unitarian Universalist Leadership Team Institute, is an affordable, flexible way for congregational leaders (lay and professional) to develop their skills and strengthen their congregations via a series of self-directed online learning modules, live webinars with H-UULTI faculty, and 3 in-person community of practice sessions throughout the semester.

H-UULTI-GRAPHIC-with-new-uua-logo-and-colorsThis fall, Sacred Path is participating in this program alongside leadership teams from other central Indiana cluster congregations. If your congregation is within 90 miles of Indianapolis, you are welcome to participate! Clusters in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are also participating. (See full list of participating geographical clusters.)

All first-time congregational team participants are encouraged to sign up for Healthy Leadership 101 (and additional courses if you like).

The cost is just $50 per congregation and $50 per individual. This covers supplies and lunch at each of the community of practice sessions.

Congregational teams of 4 or more should register by August 20th, 2014.

 I’m interested! What’s next?

Fall Schedule

H-UULTI Fall 2014 Schedule for Healthy Leadership 101

(Team members can take additional classes as well.)


  • 8/8 – Module 1 Opens (Common Lens) “Understanding Generational Differences”
  • 8/20 – H-UULTI Fall 2014 Registration Closes
  • 8/22 – Module 2 Opens (Course-specific) “Introduction to Systems Thinking”


  • 9/1 – Process Circle 1 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 9/5 – Module 3 Opens (Course-specific) “The congregation as a System”
  • 9/13 – Community of Practice All-Day Session 1 (at Sacred Path)
  • 9/15 – Process Circle 2 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 9/19 – Module 4 Opens (Common Lens) “Negotiating Difference Part 1”


  • 10/3 – Module 5 Opens (Course-specific) “You and the Congregation as a System”
  • 10/13 – Process Circle 3 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 10/17 – Module 6 Opens (Course-specific) “Got Purpose?”
  • 10/18 – Community of Practice All-Day Session 2 (at UU Church of Indianapolis)
  • 10/27 – Process Circle 4 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 10/31 – Module 7 Opens (Common Lens) “Negotiating Difference Part 2”


  • 11/14 – Module 8 Opens (Course-specific) “Anxiety in the system”
  • 11/24 – Process Circle 5 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 11/28 – Module 9 Opens (Course-specific) “Leading in Systems”


  • 12/8 – Process Circle 6 (Online Live Meeting)
  • 12/13 – Community of Practice All-Day Session 3 (at All Souls)

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