Ceremony of Commitment

“Love, above all things, is a commitment to your choice.” ―Rob Liano

As we enter our fourth year together, Sacred Path held a ritual of commitment over Labor Day weekend. Sitting in a circle, we began by naming and honoring our ancestors: those who helped bring us to this place and time.

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Sacred Path Church is Now a Covenanting Community of the UUA

Along with other emerging ministries, Sacred Path to be welcomed at the 2015 UUA General Assembly as a covenanting community

In January 2012, UUA President Rev. Peter Morales introduced his “Congregations and Beyond” vision in a white paper (PDF) boldly declaring that, in order for Unitarian Universalism to remain vitally relevant in today’s religious environment, we need to expand the definition of what a “congregation” looks like. Discussion groups and Facebook groups were formed. Blog posts written. Debates ensued across UU-land on the implications of this bold vision.

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